Escambia County, FL officer involved shooting justified

When the sheriff’s deputy first approached Demetric Denario Carter, the suspect in the video, he said to the deputy, “I have a gun.”

That statement, along with his subsequent refusal to obey the deputy’s commands, set the whole thing off on a bad track.

Demetric Denario Carter, 26

“I have a gun” is not the proper way to inform a sheriff’s deputy of any law enforcement officer that you are armed. Never use the word “gun” because it is an action word for police officers. The proper way to inform an officer that you are carrying a concealed weapon is, with your empty hands in plain view say, “Officer, I have a concealed carry permit (or, in a state with a constitutional carry law, “I am lawfully carrying a firearm” ) and I do have it on me, so you tell me what to do.”

If you don’t have a concealed carry permit and are illegally carry a gun you should still inform the officer that you are armed and that you will comply with his or her commands. Then be sure to follow the commands carefully and without any sudden movement.

Most law-abiding people understand this intuitively. For some reason criminals seem to mistakenly believe the cops won’t shoot them, contrary to common sense and what all the political propaganda these days is telling them.

Here is a news story of this event which contains a link to the official report which cleared the deputies of any wrong doing. According to the official report, suspect did have gun in his hand as he fell from being tased and was in fact firing several shots. You may have to watch the video several times to get that. You can see him firing from the ground. None of the officers were hit.

I’m not sure if his leg movements seen in the video were from his own shots or from the deputies’ shots. I guess it doesn’t matter, he had a gun in his hands and he was attempting to shoot them.

Carter recovered from his wounds and has been charged with three counts of attempted murder.

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