Eric Cantor’s Tea Party Opponent gaining momentum in Virginia primary — UPDATE: Cantor Loses

UPDATE:  David Brat has won the Virginia primary ending Eric Cantor’s career in Congress. It wasn’t even close, Brat won 56% to Cantor’s 44% of the vote. Money did NOT make the difference this time, Cantor outspent Brat by a whopping 25:1 with $5.44 Million to Brat’s measly $207,000. Cantor is currently House Majority Leader and was expected to succeed John Boehner as Speaker of the House  next year. This is a stunning political upset not only for Eric Cantor but also for the Republican establishment and John Boehner. David Brat is a Tea Party candidate so I guess the rumors that the Tea Party is dead were greatly exaggerated. The push for amnesty by the Republican establishment looks awfully boneheaded right now.  But then, it always has looked that way. John Boehner should have realized that his problem is not with the Tea Party or conservatives.  It’s with Republican voters. I must say, this result is simply delicious.

Note: The Speaker of the House is third in the line of succession for President, right after the Vice-President.

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Here is the original post from May 14th:

Tea Party favorite David Brat is gaining ground and threatening Eric Cantor’s reelection in his solidly Republican, suburban Richmond district. Brat is supported by some big-name conservatives and stands to benefit from widespread discontent in Cantor’s District. As a result, Brat is now being taken seriously at the national level.

Eric Cantor is House Majority Leader and is widely seen as the next speaker of the House. Losing to Brat would be a huge upset. Cantor once sympathized with the Tea Party’s frustration over Republican torpor and fecklessness in Washington. But lately he’s signed up with John Boehner’s open warfare against the Tea Party and the GOP’s conservative wing.

This attempt by the GOP to rid itself of conservatives and the Tea Party instead of seeing these groups for what they really are, that is, a large segment of Republican voters without whom the GOP cannot win an election, has got to be one of the stupidest political mistakes made by the stupid party, and threatens to screw up the great opportunity that lies before them in the 2014 election.

It will take defeats by establishment leaders such as Eric Cantor to open the eyes of Boehner and associates to make them see the folly of this internecine strife that is destructive of both sides.

That’s why I hope David Brat upsets Eric Cantor’s dream of ever being Speaker of the House.

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