EPA disappoints the Greens

We already knew this but it’s good to see them admit it.

Fracking Has Had No ‘Widespread’ Impact on Drinking Water, EPA Finds

A decade into an energy boom led by hydraulic fracturing, the Environmental Protection Agency has concluded there is no evidence the practice has had a “widespread, systemic impact on drinking water.”

The report is the federal government’s most comprehensive examination of the issue of fracking and drinking water, and it bolsters the position staked out by the energy industry and its supporters: that fracking can be carried out safely and doesn’t need to pose a threat to water.

Wacko environmentalists might be suicidal.

This is from the executive summary of the full 1,000 page report:

We did not find evidence that these mechanisms have led to widespread, systemic impacts on drinking water resources in the United States. Of the potential mechanisms identified in this report, we found specific instances where one or more mechanisms led to impacts on drinking water resources, including contamination of drinking water wells. The number of identified cases, however, was small compared to the number of hydraulically fractured wells.

Too bad Greenies.

There’s bad news for Climatistas today also.

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