Enough is Enough: Time to Finally Follow the Science on Masks

The following is an article at American Thinker by Ted Noel, MD. He says enough of this crap. [my words, not his] The tyrants who impose this junk on us claim to be following the science. Bull, they are exercising their power over us for even though they probably know there is no science to support the wearing of masks. These are my words in paraphrase. Dr. Noel’s words are below:

The following is just a small part of Dr. Noel’s article. Please click the link above and read the whole thing:

Dr. Ted Noel The real question that has to be asked isn’t about mechanisms.  We’ve known for years that mask-wearing has no effect on the transmission of airborne diseases in the general population.  The study I just cited has one key difference from the mechanistic studies we’ve been talking about.  It actually looked at whether mask-wearing reduced infections.  That’s called epidemiology and is about biology.  The others were physical science.  When the physical sciences demonstrate a difference but the biological sciences don’t, whatever the physical scientists are measuring isn’t relevant.  Let me translate this.

It seems intuitive that masks should block disease transmission.  Hand-washing should as well.  These seem like obvious hygienic measures that would make us more healthy.  But when tested against reality, here’s what we get.

Or perhaps this is what we get…

A careful look at the charts shows that mask mandates did nothing except make money for mask-manufacturers and Emmy Awards for petty tyrants pimping masks and lockdowns.  COVID deaths rose, and then fell, without any effect from masking.  And these are the data we should be looking at.

It’s worse than worthless to tell people that masks will filter out the virus when the data show that masks have no effect.  It’s the same evil that rises when we frighten people about how “deadly” the bug is as we learn how to treat it and it resolves into part of the background.  Schools get closed, and children are irreparably harmed.  People die from multiple other causes related to poverty from lockdowns.

It’s time to lift the yoke of tyrants from our necks and take the diapers off our faces.

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