The email I received from “Speaker Boehner” today

Here is what it said:

Our team at the NRCC sent me the spreadsheet of recent supporters and I don’t see your name on the list. We need all of our grassroots supporters engaged in these final weeks before Election Day.

The Democrats’ campaign machine is desperate and it’s stepping up attacks – if we don’t have the resources to respond we could come up short when votes are counted.

So, I’m personally asking that you do your part in electing conservatives by making a donation of $50, $25, $10 or whatever you can today.

Here is my reply:

You asked me to do my part in electing conservatives. I’m wondering why you haven’t been doing your part to elect conservatives. You have been attacking conservatives and the Tea Party for the last 2 years. You have given every indication that you don’t like conservatives, and that your feelings for the Tea Party approach hatred. You seem to want these conservatives out of the Republican party.

You have said that Republicans cannot win elections with conservatives alone. What happened? Did you suddenly realize that Republicans can’t elections without conservatives?

Too little, too late, Mr. Speaker. I bet there are a whole lot of names missing from your spreadsheet, people who were once loyal supporters who just don’t understand why you’ve been dissing them. Their refusal to give you any campaign contribution money is the just what you should have expected, don’t you think?

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