This election pits the billionaires against the people

The Democrats and Barack Obama have created a top-down alliance in American politics between the elite ruling class and the poor working class. This confederacy of rich and poor operates its common goals against the interests of the middle class. The rich, powerful and well connected are in the Hillary camp along with the welfare dependent poor while the middle class has the burden of paying for the largess bestowed on those at the bottom of the economic ladder in America. The rich and powerful oligarchs pay up in different ways, mainly be giving up to 20 times more money to fund Democrats such as Hillary Clinton over what they have given to Donald Trump and other Republicans.

The Democrats are the party of the rich while pretending to be the party of the poor. This is not new, it has been an effective political strategy several times in the past. The Curley Effect was masterminded by a former Boston mayor in the first half of the 20th Century, the Peronists successfully pulled it off in Argentina and Benjamin Disraeli’s 19th Century “Tory Democracy” built a coaltion of the struggling working class and traditional landed gentry. In all cases it’s the middle class, the very people who are the heart of the country and who make it work that get the shaft.

The oligarchs depend on the Democrats and Barack Obama, perhaps Hillary Clinton after tomorrow, to keep the peasants with pitchforks away from their doorstep by appeasing them with government largess paid for by the middle class. Those who pay this bill do so in ways that extend beyond their taxes. They also pay with the high cost of housing, health insurance, food, fuel and other necessities. This stifles the very thing that has made America great, the idea that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules can get ahead and make a good life for themselves. The oligarchs and their pet politicians play by a different set of rules.

As Joel Kotkin wrote yesterday,

The biggest losers in this new alignment: the traditional middle and working classes, particularly those who have limited access to government support. As Bill Clinton has suggested with Obamacare, the new progressivism often asks middle-income people to pay the full — often extremely high — price, while those less well-off receive large subsidies. This progressive approach may appeal to those living both well above and below the median income, though for many in the middle class, the new Tory democracy might not seem like progress at all, but rather quite the opposite.

Tomorrow America will decide whether to bless this arrangement to keep the billionaires fat, dumb and happy and the hopeless dupes in the welfare class on the dole, or to blow this unholy alliance to smithereens and restore the rule of law in America and the right to dignity and reward for one’s honest labor.

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