Election Day Tea Party 2012: A New Beginning

TARP and Stimulus, or porkulus as it might be called, were both unnecessary massive spending programs that did little or nothing for the economy. We were promised lower unemployment and economic growth but we got neither. The politicians are the only ones who got what they wanted: massive amounts of money for them to spend.

The Tea Party has always been opposed by major Democrats, but now the Republican establishment has the Tea Party in its crosshairs as well. The Republican legislature in Florida has redistricted away Congressman Allen West’s district, making it harder for him to get re-elected this November. West was one of the many new Republican congressman to be elected largely by the Tea Party in 2010. You’d think that Republicans would be happy with the Tea Party for giving them such a victory in 2010, but they hate conservatives more than they love their new majority in the House of Representatives.

They need to be whipped at the ballot box by more Tea Party candidates who want to restore the American Republic and put it back in the hands of a self-governing people.

It’s time to rage against the machine and annoy the establishment Republicans, vote for Newt!

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