Elderly farmer and wife alive and well because they had a gun when they needed it

Rodney Eugene Long

Rodney Eugene Long

Rodney Eugene Long, 38, broke out of the Clarinda Correctional Facility about 20 miles from Bedford, Iowa on Friday.  He was serving a term for burglary.  Some time later he broke into a home and stole a gun.

A sheriff’s deputy was sent to investigate a suspicious character walking along the highway on Sunday night.  It was Long.  As the deputy was existing his patrol car Long shot him in the arm and the chest.  The deputy was able to call for help but was mostly incapacitated after being shot.  Then Long jumped into the deputy’s patrol car and sped away.

Soon several law enforcement officers were in pursuit.  A 40-minute high speed chase ended with Long totaling the patrol car in a spectacular crash.

Then Long, who somehow survived the crash, got out of the wrecked car and ran.  He successfully eluded the cops and got away even though about a dozen cops were chasing him with dogs.

He remained at large the rest of that day and all day Monday.  About 10 PM Monday night Long broke into the home of Jerome and Carolyn Mauderly, aged 71 and 66, respectively, while they were asleep in their bedroom. Jerome Mauderly is a retired farmer and prison guard.  Long held the elderly couple hostage for about four hours as he wandered through the house, disabling their landline phone and using their cellphone.

Finally, Jerome Mauderly was able to grab a shotgun he had in his kitchen and shot Rodney Eugene Long…dead.  Thus ended a 72-hour criminal escapade of a dangerous prison escapee who had shot a law enforcement officer and was being hunted by every cop with a hundred miles of Bedford, Iowa.

Farmer Mauderly and his wife were held hostage for 4 hours but were finally able to do what several dozen law enforcement officers could not.  They were able to end this danger to their community only because the 71-year old farmer had a gun.  If he had not had a gun it is entirely likely that he and his wife might be dead now and Rodney Eugene Long might still be at large.

All those liberal nitwits who claim that decent law-abiding citizens don’t need guns for self defense are out of their minds and should never be allowed to make public policy for the rest of us.


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