Eat Organic, Kill the Planet

UK Telegraph,Think organic food is better for you, animals and the planet? Think again

Except for all the feel really good about yourself psychic benefits, it isn’t even healthier…

In 2012 Stanford University’s Centre for Health Policy did the biggest comparison of organic and conventional foods and found no robust evidence for organics being more nutritious. A brand-new review has just repeated its finding: “Scientific studies do not show that organic products are more nutritious and safer than conventional foods.”

Not for you, and not even for the planet…

Organic farming is sold as good for the environment. This is correct for a single farm field: organic farming uses less energy, emits less greenhouse gasses, nitrous oxide and ammonia and causes less nitrogen leeching than a conventional field. But each organic field yields much, much less. So, to grow the same amount of wheat, spinach or strawberries, you need much more land. That means that average organic produce results in the emission of about as many greenhouse gasses as conventional produce; and about 10 per cent more nitrous oxide, ammonia and acidification. Worse, to produce equivalent quantities, organic farms need to occupy 84 per cent more land – land which can’t be used for forests and genuine nature reserves. For example, to produce the amount of food America does today, but organically, would require increasing its farmland by the size of almost two United Kingdoms. That is the equivalent of eradicating all parklands and wild lands in the lower 48 states.

Oh well,at least you’re not eating a lot of pesticides….Oh wait, even that isn’t true…

But surely organics avoid pesticides? No. Organic farming can use any pesticide that is “natural”. This includes copper sulphate, which has resulted in liver disease in vineyard sprayers in France. Pyrethrin is another organic pesticide; one study shows a 3.7-fold increase in leukaemia among farmers who handled pyrethrins compared to those who had not.

Sorry to bring you such horrible news. Go ahead and stay with your organic mania. It may be draining your bank account without any offestting benefit, but it’ll still make you feel good about yourself…Oh, unless you’ve read this far. Maybe not, in that case.

Lessons learned, if any were needed: Almost everything environmentalist whackos and food cranks have told us for the last forty years has turned out to be wrong. They don’t know as much as they think they do. A lot of what they know just ain’t so.

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