Dumb Criminals Story

Three criminals in North Carolina, ranging in age from 30 to 15,  recently held up a family owned convenience store (not the one pictured above). The three brothers of the family were minding the store. The crooks shot all three of the brothers, and all three died. Then the crooks emptied the cash register for a total of something less than $100.

They didn’t seem to realize that over 15 video cameras captured everything they did.

The cops gave a copy of this mayhem to several television outlets. The police were soon inundated with calls from TV watchers who recognized one or more of the three crooks even though they were wearing masks.

I’m vindicated on my constant rant that masks don’t work! They don’t work for Covid or Omicron, and now we learn that sometimes they don’t work for robberies either.

The 30 year old crook got the death sentence. The other two got lengthy prison sentences, from 30 to 20 years. All for less than one hundred dollars. The 15-year old was charged as an adult.

I remember my professor in the Criminal Law class in law school. He told us that most criminals are stupid and they often get caught for very little reward.

These days many criminals, not these three dopes, but many now do let away with crash and crab thievery, thanks to the Democrats war on cops and George Soros sponsored prosecutors.

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