Drill Baby, Drill

UPDATE Thursday: Maybe the title for this post should have been “Stall Baby, Stall.” After reading the following please see the update at the bottom.

Today, Obama announced plans to lift a 20-year moratorium on oil exploration and development in Atlantic coastal waters running from Virginia to Florida, as well as further activity off Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Maybe he understands that $4-a-gallon gasoline could be the final straw.

This is the right thing to do but I’m not jumping on the bandwagon with all the conservatives who are now heaping praise on Obama for doing the right thing, giving credit where credit is due, etc., etc. ad nauseum. Doing the right thing is not praiseworthy. No one deserves praise for merely doing their job, for doing what is expected and required of them, for doing their duty, for finally making a correct decision after 14 months of radical left-wing nuttery. Praise is reserved for excellence, for going beyond the call of duty, for standing up under adversity, for overcoming obstacles, for weathering a storm and coming out on top, for being a hero.

But if he tells his nut-bag base of looney tune lefties to go pound sand when they have a conniption fit over this, maybe he’ll deserve some praise.

So when can we open up Pacific and Alaska drilling?

UPDATE: First reports of opening offshore drilling were so out of character for Obama I should have suspected that the whole thing might be a head fake. It appears that is exactly what is going on, and there is not going to be any actual drilling anytime soon, if ever. All that will be happening in the near term will be a “study” of drilling offshore. When liberals “study” something we know they start with the conclusion they desire and amass whatever evidence supports it while covering up any contrary evidence. If there is no evidence to support their conclusion they just make up whatever they need to get to the answers they want [cf., global warming hoax; hockey stick trick]. Additional areas are being closed for drilling. For the details check out this story at The Institute For Energy Research and Sarah Palin’s take on it at The Corner. At least I was right to withhold immediate praise for our man-child president.

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