Don’t Listen to Karl Rove Telling you There Was No Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election

We know the truth by seeing what is real…

Lies fly, while the truth comes limping behind…

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

So far it seems no one is willing to look deeply into the 2020 election to determine once and for all that the election was stolen or that it was not stolen. I and lots of others believe it was stolen simply because it is too unbelievable that Joe Biden could have received more legal votes than Trump did. Biden simply was not, is not and never will be more popular to voters than Trump is, was and always will be. Trump got around 75 million votes which is more than any other president in U.S. history. Biden has never been that popular. His present approval number is only 27%, perhaps the lowest approval of any president so far.

But this needs to be finally determined so that either Trump supporters can put it to rest or Democrats will be completely discredited so they can never again claim it was a free and fair election. A finding once and for all that Biden won only my massive cheating would  mean that the GOP better get cracking on how they will win in 2022 or 2024. If they don’t figure out how to detect and stop voter fraud the GOP will never again be able to win an election.

If the 2020 election was stolen it was not stolen just from Trump. It was also stolen for the almost 75 million Americans who voted for Trump. It’s more than that. I was paying $2.49 a gallon for gas. Today I paid $3.39 per gallon. This is just the beginning. Gas prices and other things will get more expensive. Thanks to Joe Biden for that.

Karl Rove is a swamp creature. He may be lying when he claims there was no fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Or, he may just be a dupe who believes the Democrats’ BS.

Every fraud has a start point for the fraud about to be committed. This may be a happening or an occurrence that raises eyebrows and gives you a feeling that something might have gone wrong. Something doesn’t make sense. Start points are always some evidence that fraud might have occurred or is about to occur.

These start points are not proof of fraud. Instead, they are what makes everyone want to know more about what they see. They are a place to start an investigation in order to find the real facts, either to exonerate or convict somebody or some group of somebodies.

Fraudsters always want to make anyone talking about start points (not necessarily with those words) look like a fool so as to discredit their idea that something corrupt may have gone on. The 2020 Presidential election was riddled with start points. Mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, efforts to prevent Republicans from watching the ballot counting, sworn affidavits from dozens of poll workers stating under oath they had seen irregular procedures being followed, a truck load of ballots delivered from New York to Pennsylvania, reports of Dominion machines moving votes from Trump to Biden, thousands of ballots marked only for Biden and no other votes at all on those ballots, votes by people born in 1900, votes by people who had moved out of the state they voted in, unsecured sidewalk boxes for ballot deposit, acceptance of ballots submitted after the polls closed in violation of election laws, etc.

Where there is fraud there is one or more fraudsters. They will almost always embark on damage control in hopes of stopping any investigation. They will claim that those who seek to bring attention to the start points are lying for their own benefit and protection. They will claim that we must “move on” instead of looking back at time gone by. This usually doesn’t work. Instead, it just makes people more curious.

The Democrats are using a much more bold approach. They are threatening anyone who dares suggest the election was fraudulent. They are running a “shut up” campaign against anyone who breaks the rules they are attempting to create. They hope to stop the talk of vote fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. I don’t believe it will work. All this will likely bring even more attention to the start points Democrats want to cover up.

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