Donald Trump’s Ego Problem

Freud’s contribution to the world was his identificatiion of the incorporeal elements of our brains that make up our personality. Being systems and not phyical parts of our brains we have some control over them by the decisions we make and the actions we take. This gets a bit dicey at times because they exist in both our conscious and subconscious minds. In fact they dominate our subconscious. In psychoanalysis they are a system of separate parts called ego, superego, and id that work together to make us who we are. Therein lie the seeds of success or failure in achieving a happy, well adjusted and rewarding life.

Too big or too small an ego is a good predictor of future outcomes.  A  too-big ego interferes with one’s ability to gain the cooperation of others that is usually necessary for success in most endeavors. A too-small ego is like a dead battery in a car. It’s going no where.

Donald Trump certainly has a big ego that has helped him in business. It has made him boldly self confident in ways that have made him a successful real estate tycoon. He is perceived by both himself and others as a man who can get things done. He’s seen as someone you’d want by your side in a struggle. This is all good.

But that big ego also gets in the way and prevents this otherwise good man from doing the right thing at times. It allows him to sometimes do things that are ugly and vicious. It also prevents him from owning up to the bad things he has done and to ask forgiveness from those he has slandered. Sometimes foregivenss would have helped him, and makes one wonder why he would allow his ego to control him in the wrong way.

Trump has received endorsements from most of the other candidates that he defeated in the GOP primaries. But he has failed to get the endorsement of Ted Cruz and got only a tepid endoresment from Marco Rubio who continues to cast doubts on Trump and appeared at the GOP convention only in a video. Ted Cruz spoke at the convention but did not endorse Trump and instead urged everyone vote their conscience.  Cruz said the vicious lies that Trump told about his wife and his father prevents him from giving his endorsement. He said his earlier pledge to support the GOP nominee is abrogated by those lies.

Trump could have used a more solid endorsement from Rubio and he surely could have used Ted Cruz’s endorsement. The lies he told about Heidi Cruz and Rafael Cruz were crud and false. They were plainly opportunistic lies to any fair-minded person who had been paying attention to national politics. If Trump had acknowledged all this and apologized he would have looked liked a bigger man. He chose the other route. That’s what a too-big ego does to a man.

His ego is still pushing him in the wrong direction. Instead of manning up he is doubling down on the lie that Rafael Cruz met with Lee Harvey Oswald and may have been in a conspiracy to assassinated JFK.  This has gotten him comments like this one:

I’m actually glad all this happened this morning. If I were even considering voting for Trump before, I’m solidly against voting for him now. I can’t vote for such a petulant thin-skinned narcissistic a-hole.

It has gotten him tweets from important people like this one:

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.45.05 AM

This is a sad day. We have to vote for the narrcisist asshole in order to prevent the corruption  of Hillary Clinton from taking over our country and turning our government into a banana republic type corrupt regime.


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