Dirty Book

British Historian Andrew Roberts, writing at The Tablet:

There are occasionally some books that are so deeply unpleasant, indeed repulsive, that one feels like washing one’s hands after reading them. Dripping with unremitting bias, and utterly missing the big picture, such books leave one despairing of the moral vacuum in which they were written. Such a work is the American journalist Deborah Scroggins’ new book Wanted Women, which explicitly seeks to draw a parallel between the lives of two women she presents as “mirror images” in the war against terror: the Pakistani-born convicted Islamist terrorist Aafia Siddiqui and the Somali-born campaigner for Muslim women’s rights, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

With vicious moral equivalence, Scroggins equates the FBI, a lawful and constitutional law enforcement agency hunting a Muslim female terrorist, with the terrorist group to which she belongs. The “Wanted Woman” title of the book also equates the female terrorist wanted by the FBI with an innocent Muslim female who has dared to speak out against Muslim terrorism because the terrorists are hunting her so they can murder her for her apostasy.  This is another example out of many of a supposed feminist using a false claim of womens’ rights to mask her radical leftist ideology.  One of the women Scroggins writes about fights for the basic human rights of the most oppressed women on the planet, the other is a murderer sentenced to 88 years in prison.  Scroggins sides with the killer.

Andrew Roberts debunks it thoroughly and deservedly.

Read his column here.

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