What is the difference between Antifa and the Ku Klux Klan?

There is a difference between Antifa and the Ku Klux Klan, but it’s a small one. The KKK wore white hoods and Antifa wears black hoods.

Jeffery Lord, from The Left’s Violent DNA:

What do the Ku Klux Klan, the labor movement, Students for a Democratic Society, the Weathermen, Occupy Wall Street, and congressional shooter James T. Hodgkinson have in common?

Answer: They all emerged from the murky depths of leftist politics. And all have a history of violence associated with their politics.

In his very fine article describing the Left’s violent DNA Mr. Lord also points out that Columbia historian Eric Foner, an uber liberal whose books I read in college, accurately describes the KKK as, “a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party.” Today the KKK is an emasculated remnant of its former self, but in its heyday it was the terrorist arm of the Democrat party. AntiFa has stepped into the breach to carry on the work of the KKK with an even larger goal. Their aim is to actualize the ambition of Barack Obama to fundamentally change the United States from the world’s beacon of freedom and free markets to a socialist dystopia ruled by a criminal gang. [I know the Left won’t describe it that way but I’m interested in cold realism. Antifa’s war cry is, “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all!” ]

The Left faces an obstacle in President Trump. He’s not ever going to be on board with the fundamental changes they want. The modern GOP has either forgotten or rejected its own founding principles.  Some of the most prominent GOP leaders in Congress were so afraid of being called racists they willingly stepped out of the way for whatever Obama wanted to do. Democrats thanked them by trying to associate the KKK with the GOP. This is stunning because the KKK came into existence after the Civil War to help Southern Democrats reinstitute slavery in a new form called “Jim Crow.”

The Republican party was formed out of the old Whig party in 1854, or by some accounts it was a reinstitution of the Republican-Democratic party from 1792. That’s where the abbreviation “GOP” comes from which stands for “Grand Old Party.”

Whichever your preference, the party was founded by anti-slavery activists and modernizers which included the former free soldiers and ex-Whigs. The stimulus for this was the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 which essentially rendered the Missouri Compromise of 1820 powerless to prevent the spread of slavery into the new Kansas territory. The reformers dedicated themselves to stopping any new state from entering into the Union as a slave state. They also intended to work toward the eventual end of slavery in the United States.

No matter what anyone tells you, that is what led to the Civil War, called The War of Northern Aggression by the South and The War of the Southern Rebellion by the North. Controversial so it may be in some circles today, it cannot be denied in common sense that the South fought to preserve their “Peculiar Institution” and the North fought to destroy it and preserve the Union.

When the South lost the KKK was born, originally billed as a social club for ex-Confederate soldiers. It quickly forged a mission to re-enslave newly-freed blacks with draconian Jim Crow laws. The KKK and Southern Democrats invented a before unheard of type of control over the Southern black population that we know today as gun control laws. It’s still largely the Democrat party that wants these laws. If you happen to be a black American who favors gun control, please let that sink in.

The reason for these laws was that the last thing Democrats wanted to see happen was blacks arming themselves with guns for their personal protection. Black men with guns would be more difficult to control with random lynchings. On their face these laws were ostensibly to apply to all persons. They were seldom enforced against whites.

It might seem stunning that a Fascist group would label itself as anti-Fascist. That is what AntiFa has done. It’s no more than a flimsy attempt at PR meant to hide a false flag operation of domestic terrorism. Democrats apparently believe they will enhance their appeal to voters in 2018 by fomenting violence aimed at President Trump and his supporters. Violence and hatred is a weird way to try to make friends and influence people and to win elections.

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