DHS Sec. Nielsen Schools Senators on Immigration Law

Something good happened this week. DHS Sec. Nielsen Schools Senators on Immigration Law. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen appeared before a Senate committee on Tuesday and gave the senators a much-needed scolding schooling in the law she is charged with enforcing. Here is her opening statement to the committee:

If you try to enter the country without authorization, you have broken the law. …  It is our policy that anyone crossing the border illegally will be detained and referred for prosecution. We will no longer exempt classes or groups of individuals from prosecution. …

But our zero-tolerance policy and more funding for border security will only get us part way there. We need Congress to pass legislation to close legal loopholes that are being exploited to gain entry into our country.

Apprehensions without the ability to remove those who have no legal right to be here is not border security. The smugglers know these loopholes, and they are taking advantage of us every single day.

They know it is easier to get released into America if they claim asylum, if they are part of a family, or unaccompanied children. It should come as no surprise that we are seeing a spike in all of these categories. …

The gaming of the system is unacceptable. We need urgent action from Congress to close these dangerous legal loopholes making our country vulnerable. For border security to work, violation of the law must have consequences.

After DHS Sec. Nielsen Schools Senators on Immigration Law, ultra liberal Democrat Sen. Patty Murray of Washington State asked Kirstjen Nielsen why her department doesn’t expand the use of alternatives to detention in order to save taxpayer money. First, since when does any Democrat care a rat’s rear end about saving taxpayers money? No, Senator Murray is not really interested in saving taxpayers any money. She’s interested in having a lot of illegals coming into the country and getting drivers’ licenses and (thank the Motor Voter Law) registering to vote (illegally) at the same time. Knowing of course, to vote for Democrats because Democrats will work to protect them from federal law enforcement. Democrats are on the verge of ceasing to be a political party and becoming a Racketeer Influenced Criminal Organization.

When Sec. Nielsen responds that alternatives to detention generally do not work because the illegals simply never show up for their court hearing, Murray suggests that Nielsen’s opposition to illegal immigration is part of her “political philosophy.” This is typical Democrat conflation of law enforcement with political philosophy. Nielsen replies, “It’s not a philosophy. It’s a law Congress passed.”

Here is the one minute long video of Sec. Nielsen’s exchange with Senator Murray:


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