How to destroy America with open borders

Found this comment by one Muldoon at the Ace of Spades blog

Welcome one of your newest fellow citizens. Let’s say just for the sake of discussion that this is a hypothetical scenario:

46 year old woman. Gets pregnant. No father listed on birth certificate. Unemployed, gets no prenatal care, presents to hospital in labor, baby born slightly premature and very small size. Has Down syndrome. Has significant medical abnormalities. Will probably be hospitalized for weeks to months in intensive care. May need major surgery. Mother speaks not a word of English. Immigration status? Who knows, not allowed to ask. Mom on Medicaid. Baby on Medicaid.

Where is the responsibility of this woman who is old enough to know better? Where is the responsibility of the father who gets his pleasure with no skin in the game? Where is the responsibility of this mother’s nation of origin who outsourced her dependency onto us? Where is the concern from our politicians for the taxpayers, the hardworking citizens of this country who are going to pay for this child’s medical care for years to come? Where is a simple thank you America, for being kind hearted and generous. But no, the Dreamers have a dream. Screw the taxpayer and his/her dreams. Screw the future of the taxpayer’s child and his/her dreams. This woman and her child are entitled to the sweat of your brow, comrade!

Open borders is not part of any “transformation” of America, it will be the destruction of America. Where will women like the one imagined by Muldoon go then to have her baby?

Just a little reality check here: There is not one single country on this earth that would allow so-called “dreamers” to remain in their country [unless they’re Muslim]. All would deport them [unless they’re Muslim], except the United States. But that doesn’t stop them from accusing the United States of being a hateful racist country, does it.

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