Deranged Jury Verdict in Kate Steinle Murder

The Defendant was found not guilty by reason of insanity….of the jury.

A jury of San Francisco nitwits concluded that Garcia Zarate shot Kate Steinle, but that it was an accident. They could have convicted him of first degree murder, second degree murder, or involuntary manslaughter. They acquitted him on all three of those counts, finding him guilty only of being a felon in possession of a gun.

They “reasoned” that the shooting was an accident. There is no such thing as a firearm “accident.” An unintentional discharge of a firearm always means someone pulled the trigger. It’s going to be some sort of crime even if there were no intention to pull the trigger. That’s because guns don’t go off by themselves. Someone has to pull the trigger. If it wasn’t intended the cause is always one of two things: carelessness of ignorance.

We know that Garcia Zarate is a convicted felon, he has been previously deported. He has firearm violence in his criminal history. He is familiar with firearms. He is not ignorant of firearms. That leaves only carelessness, and that is the standard for involuntary manslaughter.

Killing another human being with a firearm when the shot was not fired intentionally is always going to be voluntary manslaughter based on a reckless act, or involuntary manslaughter based on carelessness, i.e., criminal negligence.

That this jury refused to convict even on involuntary manslaughter proves beyond a reasonalble doubt that San Francisco is an insane asylum run by the inmates. This result is nothing less than shocking and disgraceful. Usually at the end of a trial and after the verdict is read the Judge discharges the jury and thanks them for their service. If this judged is a decent human being he would not have thanked them. He would have scolded them for violating their oath to render a verdict according to the evidence.The evidence was clear that Zarate shot Kate Steinle. It was admitted by Zarate and his defense counsel. The jurors did not even have to deliberate on that fact. It was part of the record in the case. That means that Zarate was guilty of one of the three counts the jurors were given.

If instead of shooting Steinle, if Zarate had negligently but unintentionally caused a car crash That killed her he would have been guilty of something anywhere from careless driving to vehicular homicide. He would not have been acquitted of everything and sent on his way without so much as a fine. But this jury found him guilty of nothing for taking the life of another human being with a firearm. What would they have done if he’d killed her with an automobile?

These people are cretins.

Rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens is an invitation to criminals. It never occurred to me that “sanctuary city” means that illegal aliens don’t have to obey any laws at all, that even murder will be excused. This disgraceful jury verdict violates the social contract by which human beings gave up their right of violent retaliation against those who harm them in exchange for protection by the state. California is on the brink of a return to the savagery of humans in a state of nature where life is solitary, poor, nasty, short and brutish.

I can’t imagine the heartache the Steinle family is feeling about now. DOJ is reported to be considering federal charges. Well good.

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  • 110West

    I was waiting for your discussion of this travesty of justice, Ken. Before reading your blog, I assumed that the jury must NOT have received all 3 counts. Otherwise how could this be unanimous? That her loving family did not resort to frontier justice show real restraint.

    • To believe that he didn’t intend to shoot her is goofy enough. But then to not even find him negligent shows how politicized this verdict really is. It’s O.J. all over again. In California politics trumps justice. Every time.

  • OldretiredSFdude

    I think that Prez Trump is spot on with regard to his idea of defunding Santuary cities and states as well as holding local LE or political figures accountable for releasing any suspect for which there is a Fed warrant active. There should be a law that says that all Fed Warrants will be honored and executed if in UR jurisdictional sphere of authority. No more of this oh we had em but didn’t have the money to keep them. Put some of these so called LE leaders and/or political leaders if the LEA is directed by his political superiors to release suspects, behind bars. Make it cost them both in time of incarceration and finance to get out and hire legal counsel in additiion to the loss of Federal Funds for LE and other related immigration and Federally supported programs. The Sanctuary City’s and States will soon go away as will the dumb ass Dems that are ruling over these locals

    • The true believers will never give up but some of their disconnected followers may be shocked into a semblance of reality by the increased crime and general disorder that is the inevitable result of rolling out the red carpet for criminals and welfare cheats. The thing is though, the purpose of a sanctuary city is to enroll more Democrat voters, and that goal justifies a “by any means necessary” mindset in Democrats. So they can ignore these collateral consequences to get what they want, which is more political power. They are little different than an alcoholic or drug addict who will sacrifice anything for a drink or a fix.

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