Denial is a potent force

University of Chicago offers $500 for creative ways to fight city’s “Perception of Violence.”

This story comes from an outfit that calls itself “The College Fix”, which touts itself as, “Original. Student Reported. Your Daily Dose of Right-Minded News and Commentary From Across the Nation.”

Right-Minded? I guess that means poltically correct and Left-Minded.  I don’t think it means Open-Minded.

Anyway, they have some small perception that they’re on shakey ground. The story contains this little tidbit:

Some just may quibble with the term “perception” given that Chicago saw 1,100 more shootings in 2016 than the year before, and totaled a record 762 homicides — the most in 20 years and more than New York and Los Angeles combined.

Gee, Ya think?

They might also have added that there were 3,550 shootings rendering 4,331 shooting victims. There were 762 murders in 2016 against 485 in 2015. That was the largest spike in 60 years. 75% of the murder victims in 2016 were black. The killers were overwhelmingly also black. Chicago is the violence capital of America. But you know, that’s just a negative perception of violence, not real violence. The dead victims are really dead though. Chicago is the worst place in America to live if you are black.

If I were black I’d move to the whitest city I could find because that is where I and my family would be the safest. It would probably also be where I and my family could live in relative prosperity and equallty. The dead murder victims in Chicago probably did not live in a state of equality, but they’re all equally dead.

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