Democrats treated women like idiots and for some it worked

I’m referring to the “war on women” meme the Democrats used with such effectiveness in the 2012 election, and intend to ride into the 2014 election as well. I say they are treating women like idiots because the war on women chant invites women to believe that Republicans are misogynists.  It asks women to believe that half of America hates them.

Actually, it’s not all women that this too-stupid-to-believe political strategy is aimed at. There are millions of women who are Republicans. There a few more million women who are not Republicans but have chosen to marry Republican men. Surely they don’t believe this diabolical nonsense. There can’t be very many men of any political persuasion that are falling for it, either. It seems this strange message is aimed squarely at single women who have a natural affinity for the sort of political crapola Democrats have perfected for stimulating them to vote.  Democrats are directing this craziness at a select group while hoping it won’t alienate swing voters who are not insane.

Having ridden the abortion horse near to exhaustion Democrats needed a new tack driver and the war on women mantra was found to be just what they were looking for. This one threatens to wear out much faster though, and may already be about to lose it effectiveness. Especially since Republicans, for once, are refusing to stand idle while buckets of slop are thrown in their face. This time finally, they’re fighting back.

The latest attempt to paint Republicans as hating women is the Democrats’ far-fetched claim that Republicans want to outlaw birth control. Oh boy, if anyone needed any more proof that Democrats believe their single women constituents are retarded, this is it. In the past Republicans would have dismissed this nonsense as something nobody would believe. But the Democrats have well demonstrated that while their single women constituents may not be retarded in a clinical sense, they surely are politically retarded enough to believe just about anything the Democrats want them to believe. Republicans have finally figured this out, and have come to understand that a lie, even a whopper like this, will become the truth to some people if Republicans fail to mount an aggressive response.

The response that Colorado’s Cory Gardner and others are making is brilliant, and unlike the nostrums we have come to expect from Democrats, would probably be good policy if enacted. Cory Gardner is responding to Mark Udall’s attack on him about birth control by coming out for making birth control available without a doctor’s prescription.

This may not be original with Cory Gardner, but it surely was and is a Republican idea. Now there is a broad coalition of support for it, even among some Democrats. I say it’s brilliant political strategy because it has Democrats flummoxed. That, my friends, allows us to finally and for once think Republicans are cool. We should enjoy this while it lasts, before Republicans go back to being boring again.

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