Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with their hate campaign against Trump

Trump was not a conservative before he became the president-elect, but he may be on his way to becoming one now. If so, the Democrats are largely to blame. They’re making the mistake of thinking Trump is like other Republicans they have successfully demonized because other Republicans have been too timid to fight back. Whether on the school yard playground or the Fortune 500 board rooms, the guy who allows the bully to intimidate him loses respect. In a fit of perverse psychology others may come to despise the bully’s victim more than the bully.

Fighting back is the only way to have any hope of keeping others on your side. Doing so effectively is the way to turn them against the bully. Right now Democrats are playing the roll of the bully with their childish and ridiculous tantrums. They are messing with the wrong guy. Trump isn’t a normal Republican. He’s not afraid of Democrats. He fights back. They aren’t used to that, and in my view they aren’t going to be able to take it. They will be ones who lose the respect of people who aren’t necessarily animated with or against either side right how.

John Hinderaker:

My guess is that throughout the general election campaign and continuing to the present, Trump has been stunned by the insane outpouring of hatred against him and his family from the Left and the Democratic Party. My guess is that he didn’t see it coming. He wasn’t particularly conservative, and had never had anything to do with the social issues, the main locus of left-wing venom. As an urban real estate developer, he had worked collegially with Democrats in various cities. He had been a Democrat for much of his life; heck, he even had been a friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He must have been shocked by the hysterical hatred that the Democrats unleashed against him and his wife and children. Trump spends a fair amount of time on Twitter; how do you think he felt when he saw that #RapeMelania was one of the top trending hashtags?

One thing we know about Trump is that if you hit him, he will hit back. During the campaign, he didn’t react much to the hatred that was unleashed against him, but I think we are seeing his response now. The liberals wanted war, so war they will get. Trump knows where his friends are–on the right–and it looks like that is where he will govern.

But my guess is that by the unprecedented, over-the-top vitriol they have unleashed against Trump and his family, the Democrats have made a bad situation–for them–worse.

Trump may have been surprised by the deluge of hatred from the Democrats, but they are going to be surprised at the tit-for-tat reprisal they are going to get. They’ve seldom seen anything like what is going to be in store for them. It will take them off their game and they won’t know how to respond except with more deranged, feckless, and buffoonish behavior.

Those of us who are relieved and happy to see the end of the Clinton/Obama era can sit back and enjoy the show.

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