Democrats lurching to the Left is opportunity for the GOP

Democrats lurching to the Left can be good for the GOP if its establishment leaders don’t refuse to exploit this opportunity to capture the political ground that was once shared by both parties. The Dems are quickly abandoning all semblance of rational thought. Dianne Feinstein will likely not run for reelection because California Democrats have made it clear they think she’s not liberal enough. That’s like saying Harvey Weinstein isn’t fat enough.

California Democrats having a love fest with left-wingnut Kevin de León who swears he will tolerate nothing less than the most radical of left-wing ideology, “not even at the margin,” in his words.

Democrats now squabble with anyone who isn’t pure lefty liberal, anyone with even the most minute of differences. If only the GOPe will understand this and stop all the Trump bashing. If only they will realize that the OODO-loop president is perfectly poised to lead them through the Democrat swamp to victory.

They’ll have to be willing to drain a bit of muck from their own swamp. If they’d wise up long enough to do it the promised lands awaits them.

Unfortunately, it bears remembering that the GOP has a consistent track record fpr missing some of the grandest opportunities presented to them. Could this time be different? Here is an excellent observation by George Neumayr:

In this race to the left, the Democrats are leaving the center wide open for Trump. As the party cleaves to the coasts — symbolized perfectly by a House leader from San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, and a Senate leader from New York City, Chuck Schumer — the phenomenon of Trump Democrats can only grow. Much of his agenda, after all, rests upon a nationalism once shared by both parties. The reflexive opposition to anything Trump proposes, no matter how blameless, makes the Democrats look extreme, not him.

Now, if only the GOP swamp rats will poke their heads out of their political cesspit long enough to smell the coffee and allow Trump to lead them to victory in 2018.

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