Democrats in Shambles

Michael Barone has a dire prognosis for Democrats in November:

Democrats fall as fast as Nixon Republicans in 1974

I have not seen a party’s fortunes collapse so suddenly since Richard Nixon got caught up in the Watergate scandal and a president who carried 49 states was threatened with impeachment and removal from office.

Obamacare, Cap ‘n Trade, Terror trials in NYC, failing to interrogate the fruit of ka-boom bomber, quadrupling the already unacceptable Bush deficit with a worthless “Stimulus”, 10% unemployment, Government Motors, etc., all stem from a radical leftist mindset that the American people are now rejecting because they know it all leads to a stagnant economy, intrusive government seeping into every crevice of life, loss of individual liberty and greater threats to national security.

Many people ask me whether the Democrats are in as much trouble as they were in 1994. The numbers suggest they are in much deeper trouble, at least at this moment.

This year political handicapper Charlie Cook is writing in January, six months earlier in the cycle, that Republicans once again would capture the 40 seats they need for a majority if the House elections were held today. I concur.

Democrats wouldn’t listen to the protests against their agenda. They had the power and they were going to use it. But they may end up with very little of what they hoped for and may lose the next election as well. They followed Raum Immanuel’s advice: [“You never want to let a good crisis go to waste.”] Instead of a “good crisis” to exploit now they have a bad crisis of their own making.

Natural justice?

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