Democrats have gone crazy — help is on the way

The Democrat debates reveal how the Democrats have gone crazy and the 2020 election offers hope for conservatives. The GOP will need to pick up 18 seats to flip the house. That shouldn’t be too difficult. Twice that many Democrats seats are vulnerable, according to the Nationals Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC).

Democrat vulnerability can only increase as more and more voters begin to pay attention to how nuts Democrats have become. The last two debates revealed Democrats are moving to the left as fast and as far as they possible can. They all seem to be trying to out left each other. All the free stuff they are offering might attract some votes but is likely to alienate more voters who understand TANSTAAFL. That’s the acronym coined by Robert Heinlein for “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”

If the idiotic policies being peddled by Democrats were enacted it will cost more money than the U.S. Government has spent in its entire 230-year existence. In other words, implementation of the Democrat agenda would be the bankruptcy of America. All the GOP needs to regain control in Washington is for Americans to see and understand this simple truth.

Add to all that several of the 20-something Democrat presidential candidates are not very appealing to voters who understand that uncle sugar can’t fund their our lives for us. At least not a life with any semblance of a good life.

Kamala Harris is a prime example of a fruitcake presidential hopeful, and Nancy Pelosi has run her miserable tactics against Trump to the limit. Few are buying her rhetoric any more. That hasty have been most of the impetus for her caving to the $4.3 Billion package to build more facilities for housing illegal immigrants at the border.

So who won the debates? The answer is simple. President Trump won the Democrat debates.

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