Democrats Determined to Make Cuts In Medicare

Almost every election Democrats have for years relied upon being able to scare senior citizens with charges that Republicans want to cut medicare and leave old people out on the street. You may recall the 1996 Democrat political ad that took a short video of Newt Gingrich talking about the government red tape and bureaucracy in Medicare that Republicans had identified as spending money wastefully and that Medicare could be put on a more solvent footing by getting rid of it.

Newt used some unfortunately not well thought out language to describe what Republicans planned to do about the red tape when he said, “We don’t want to get rid of it all at once, we don’t that would be the smart thing to do politically. But we think its going to die on the vine.”

Democrats took that piece of the video out of context and pasted it into a campaign ad saying that Newt was talking about Medicare when he was actually talking about getting rid of red tape to make Medicare sustainable.

Despite Democrat allegations that seem to surface every election cycle Republicans have never proposed any cuts in Medicare. The Democrats were guilty of projection because the Senate Health Care Bill presently being debated in the Senate proposes $500 Billion in cuts to Medicare.

Recently Chris Dodd and other Democrats have tried to deny that they are planning to cut medicare, but its’ right in the Bill for anyone to see. Today Senator McCain introduced an amendment to the Bill to take out all of the Democrat Medicare cuts. The amendment was defeated 58-42. The only Democrats that voted for it were Ben Nelson of Nebraska and James Webb of Virginia. All Republicans voted for it.

Senior citizens take note.

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