Democrat Fat Cat Cash Failed in Georgia 6

Democrat loser Jon Ossoff raised and spent $24 million, winner Karen Handel raised and spent $4.5 million. Handel rec’d more outside support ($18.2 million) to Ossoff’s $8 million. That still left Ossoff with a $10 million lead over Handel in money spent by his campaign and others. This Georgia 6 special election saw the most money spent by or on behalf of candidates in U.S. history. The one who spent the most lost.

Ossoff’s fat cat donors might actually have hurt him. Ossoff raised nine times more money from outside Georgia than from within the state.  The bulk of Ossoff’s outside money came from nine counties around the San Francisco Bay area.

This was a local election that became nationalized. Democrats think they can win elections by insulting voters. I hope they keep thinking that.

It’s a sweet and delicious moment, being able to write the above. I’m savoring it.

UPDATE:  Finishing most expensive House race ever, Ossoff calls for campaign finance reform

Long faces at CNN:

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