Democrat Cary Kennedy sends her kids to private school; opposes vouchers for others

Washington Free Beacon:

[Democrat] Cary Kennedy, a former state treasurer now running for governor in Colorado, said she has been “blessed” to be able to send her own children to private school. But at the same time she is running on an education platform solidly opposed to voucher programs, which help move some children out of a failing public school and into a private school.

She’s been blessed but doesn’t want other people to be similarly blessed. At least she admits it’s a blessing to be able to send your kids to private schools and not to failed public schools.

She says she she’s opposed to vouchers because they take money from public schools. But vouchers also take children out of public schools and take only the money the public schools would have otherwise spent on students no longer in attendance. Besides, Colorado has generously showered public schools with money while they disingenuously claim to be lacking adequate funds. Reducing the amount of money available to public schools in Colorado would be a good thing because it has been consistently shown that more money does not equate to better performance and in fact sometimes seems to be antithetical to better quality education.

The teachers and their union have conditioned people to believe they need more and more money to perform the task of educating children. It’s all lies and obfuscation and the sooner the public figures this out the better off public education will be. The leaders in public education have for years seemed to view the schools as more a jobs program for teachers than an educational institution for children.

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