Delusional Nonsense at the Occupy the Justice Department Rally

Some facts to consider in the face of the superstitious nonsense being promulgated by Obama’s useful idiots:

Mumia Abu-Jamal (born Wesley Cook on April 24, 1954) is a convicted cop killer. He is presently serving a life sentence for the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He was sentenced to death at his first trial in July 1982, and his case became an international cause célèbre. Before his arrest, he was an activist and radio journalist who became President of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists. He was a member of the Black Panther Party until October 1970. Numerous attempts to show his innocence have failed. To date, there has never been any credible evidence to contradict the evidence presented at his trial and upon which he was convicted and sentenced.

Angela Davis was a speaker at this #occupy DOJ affair. Angela Davis is an icon of the American left. She was formerly associated with the Communist Party USA and the Black Panther Party. She is the founder of “Critical Resistance”, an organization working to abolish what she calls “the prison-industrial complex.” She is a retired professor with the History of Consciousness Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz and is the former director of the university’s Feminist Studies department. Her research interests are in feminism, African American studies, critical theory, Marxism, popular music and social consciousness, and the philosophy and history of punishment and prisons, all from a far left radical point of view.

Her membership in the Communist Party led to Ronald Reagan’s request in 1969 to have her barred from teaching at any university in the State of California. She was tried and acquitted of her involvement in the Soledad brothers’ August 1970 abduction and murder of Judge Harold Haley in Marin County, California.

More about Angela Davis may be found at, a guide to the political left

Soledad Brothers Attempted Escape from Prison

From Discover the Networks website:

In 1970 Davis was implicated by more than 20 witnesses in a plot to free her imprisoned lover, fellow Black Panther George Jackson, by hijacking a Marin County, California courtroom and taking hostage the judge, the prosecuting assistant district attorney, and two jurors. In an ensuing gun battle outside the court building, Judge Harold Haley’s head was blown off by a sawed-off shotgun owned by Angela Davis. To avoid arrest for her alleged complicity in the plot, Davis fled California, using aliases and changing her appearance to avoid detection.

Two months later Davis was arrested by the FBI in New York City. At her 1972 trial, Davis presented her version of where she had been and what she had been doing at the time of the shootout. Because she was acting as her own attorney, she could not be cross-examined. She presented a number of alibi witnesses, almost all Communist friends, who testified that she had been with them in Los Angeles playing Scrabble at the time of the Marin slaughter. Prosecution witnesses who placed her in Marin were dismissed by Davis and her fellow attorneys as being unable to accurately identify blacks — because they were white.

Following the announcement of the verdict that acquitted Davis, one juror faced news cameras and gave a revolutionary’s clenched-fist salute. He laughed at the justice system, saying that prosecutors had been mistaken to expect that the “middle-class jury” would convict Davis. He and most of the jurors then went off to partake in a Davis victory party.

In 1979 Davis was awarded the Intenational Lenin Peace Prize (formerly named the International Stalin Peace Prize) by the East German police state. This honor was given by a Soviet government-appointed panel that sought to recognize individuals who had “strengthened peace among peoples” by advancing the agendas of the Kremlin and its totalitarian regime.

Actor Danny Glover was also a speaker at #occupy DOJ.  In America today blacks constitute approximately 12% of the population, and account for approximately 50% of all crime in America.  The majority of the victims of black crime are also black.  Danny Glover contends that the disproportionate rate of black incarceration has nothing to do with their disproportionate involvement in criminal activity.  He contends that blacks are disproportionately incarcerated in America because they are political prisoners.

Danny Glover demonstrates some of his brilliant insight in this video:

The nonsense about the Cuban justice system in the first video above needs little comment.  Cuba is an island prison where real political prisoners are held and tortured on a routine basis, none of which is of the slightest concern to Angela Davis, Danny Glover or anyone else on the American Left.

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