“Decent family man” spies on live-in nanny with hidden camera

New York Daily News:

Dan Swtizen, 44

A CNBC director who worked on finance guru Suze Orman’s show has been accused of peeping on his teenage au pair with a spy-cam in a bathroom of his Westchester home, the Daily News has learned.

Dan Switzen, 44, hid a camera inside a tissue box in his home in Pleasantville, according to authorities.

On Nov. 13, his 18-year-old live-in nanny invited two of her friends, also 18, over to the house and one of them discovered the camera in the bathroom, sources said.

The horrified teens took the camera to Pleasantville police about 7:50 p.m. that night and cops found incriminating images on its memory card.

He’s been charged with a felony . His lawyer, Jeffrey Chartier, says, “He’s a very decent family man.”

“Very decent” family man? Nah, he’s a “very creepy” family man.

Switzen is not an elected politician so maybe his political party affiliation is irrelevant. None of the news stories I read make any mention of it. But we know for sure he’s not a Republican or that would have been prominently shown in the first paragraph of the story.


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