Darwin Right Again

In spite of all the fear and loathing of Darwin by many conservatives, I’m ashamed to say, the great discoverer of evolution by natural selection just keeps on being proved not only correct on his theories and its many corollaries, but prescient as well. This time it is his theory that all life on earth is derived from a Universal Common Ancestry. All life is genetically related. All that exists today can be traced to a common primordial ancestor.

In The Origin of Species Darwin wrote, “all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form.” Darwin didn’t know anything about genetics even though Gregor Mendel was carrying out his experiments with pea plants and developing his theories during Darwin’s lifetime. Mendel died without publishing his work and it wasn’t discovered until long after Darwin died. Perhaps he should have discovered it himself, and there are critics who fault him for that failure. But he didn’t and there is much speculation as to why but nobody really knows. What does it matter, he didn’t. He made some wonderful deductions about genetics without knowing what it was. Such as the notion that rather than life arising in many forms simultaneously there was only one form of life in the beginning from which all life today comes.

If this is a scientific fact that will stick for a while it seems it could actually be compatible with Genesis. I’m not saying it is or isn’t, I’m not a theologian and I don’t think science and religion are interdependent. The work confirming Darwin’s UCA theory is announced at Science Daily.

The new study does not rule out the possibility that there were multiple forms of life, only that all life in existence now comes from one form. There may have been multiple forms but if there were all but the one from which all that now exists died out at some point in the distant past.

I wish conservatives would stop trashing Darwin and making themselves look foolish. Even Rush Limbaugh whom I admire for his political insight sounds like a nutbag when the subject of anything Darwinian comes up.

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