Darkness Falls

After decades of government subsidies and wasting of taxpayer money renewable energy still can’t get up to providing a measly 3% of our electricity. Obama is trying to kill the coal industry (we don’t have to guess, he told us so) and he’s halting gas drilling and development wherever he can.  Hydroelectric Dams are being torn down.

The country is going to go dark if Obama isn’t stopped. First our gas and electric bills will get sky high. That will be followed by brown outs leading to black outs. Obama and the media will blame it on the “obstructionist Republicans” and a “do-nothing Congress” or just bad luck.  At least we won’t have to listen because we won’t be able to hear him if our electricity is off.

One of the Republican hopefuls was asked when the economy will recover.  He answered that it will start to recover late on election night when America realizes that Obama is gone.

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