Danger on the Highway — to the troopers

Dash board cam shows an Oregon state trooper, stops a car for speeding, driver gets out of car, is belligerent, refuse trooper’s commands to get back in the car, starts walking toward the patrol car and then pulls a gun and shoots at the trooper, hitting him in the side. Trooper returns fire hitting shooter in the chest, he gets back in his car and speeds away, is found by other troopers one-half mile down the road, in his car on the ditch, he’s dead.  He had this three children in the car with him. Read my ”lessons learned” below the video.

Lessons learned from this video: Traffic stops are dangerous to police officers. They all know that but the public generally doesn’t. The important lesson is that the bad guy received a fatal gunshot to the chest, he died from that gunshot before he got one-half mile down the road, but if you missed it the first time, play the video again to marvel at how agile he remains after taking a gunshot that he died from a short time later. This is valuable knowledge for anyone who carries a firearm for self defense, don’t expect your attacker to go down immediately. You may think you missed. Without the information that this guy was found dead just down the road, I would have thought the trooper missed him entirely. I bet the trooper thought he had missed.

Another lesson: Because even a fatal gunshot wound may not be immediately disabling you will probably continue shooting, thinking you haven’t hit the bad guy because he is still coming at you. Later an autopsy may show your first shot to have been the kill shot, the actual cause of death of the bad guy. Then later still, a prosecuting attorney may claim that the 5 additional shots you fired were not necessary even if it was otherwise self defense, and therefore you were acting will malice, making it manslaughter or even second degree murder instead of self defense. Welcome to the legal minefields of armed self defense.

Final lesson: Although the trooper will recover, and although he told dispatch he was ok, he clearly isn’t ok as he called in the “shots fired.” The traffic just keeps speeding by, no one noticed that a trooper was potentially in trouble, no one pulled over to see if he needed help. Oh well, the troopers probably don’t expect anyone to come to their aid, maybe they don’t even want it. They’d probably be justified in thinking anyone who did pull over to offer help could be a potential threat to them.

It’s a wonderful world.

More on this story here.

UPDATE: The Sherman County District Attorney has ruled that the trooper was justified in shooting the motorist in the above story. Ya think?

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