Dana Loesch — Second Amendment Suffragette

danaFrom an interview with Colorado Peak Politics:

“Coloradans need our help right now. Their state legislature was hijacked by an orchestrated two-election blueprint (also a book) and what occurs in Colorado is the germination of what progressives want to replicate in other states. I also wanted to fist-bump Magpul. They don’t just make and sell products, they’re gone all-in with this fight. They’ve filed suit and are fighting on behalf of all Americans to preserve our Second Amendment civil liberties.”

She’s also coined a new political term: Second Amendment Suffragette.  I like it, and I bet it will be effective.  The Left is the master of sloganeering (cop killer bullets, assault weapon, and much other similar misleading crap aimed at the emotional side of your brain).  Conservatives have never been good at this, except once: Tax and Spend.  That one worked beautifully, and also happened to be true, not misleading because it accurately describes the agenda of the Left.  Unfortunately, the “tax and spend” slogan has largely disappeared because Republicans quickly abandon anything that works for them so they can pursue stupid stuff (amnesty for illegals, forcing gay marriage on everyone, etc.) that gain them not a single vote from the beneficiaries of those efforts and loses votes for them with the very people who are ever going to support them.

Not so long ago women was conspicuously absent from gun rights advocacy, Suzanna Hupp excepted.  These days more and more women are buying guns and learning how to use them.  There are more and more Dana Loesch’s who are willing to lead others to stand up for their rights (she’s been banned from the Piers Morgan show on CNN, one of her proudest achievements I would think).  That’s a mighty good thing because in America if enough women support something it usually happens.  If they don’t it usually doesn’t.

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