Cruz the policy man — Trump the bloviating drama queen

UPDATE: I was a Ted Cruz fan when I posted this. I quickly changed my mind about Donald Trump when it became clear that Ted Cruz was not going to get the nomination.  Since then I’ve come to see all the good things about Trump and I’m ashamed to have written this post. I hereby whole-heartedly apologize to President Donald J. Trump, and wish him all the best in his current fight with the most crooked fraudsters on this earth.

trump-crazy-nuts-Because Ted Cruz is everything Alan Dershowitz says he is, namely “off the charts brilliant,” he talks about issues and specific policy fixes to remedy America’s stagnant economy and how it has damaged the hopes and dreams of the middle class. Trump doesn’t talk about issues or his policy proposals because he’s an idiot who doesn’t really have any ideas beyond “I’ll make America great again” or “I love Jesus so, so much”,  “I’ll make great deals” and “I’m very good on women’s issues, the best”, whining about his loss in Colorado, and whether Heidi Cruz is ugly.

We get intelligent policy proposals to fix problems from Ted Cruz. From Trump we get only a vulgar display of his deep psychological issues.Trump’s knowledge base is too small to have any specific policy proposals on a level with Ted Cruz. He simply cannot command an intelligent assessment of terrorism policy, military policy, the economy, abortion, religious liberty, limited government, the Constitution, etc.

To sooth his outsized ego and narcissism he must create chaos and controversy so he can offer himself either as a victim or a savior.  Either way, it’s alwasy about him. This isn’t a good way to run a railroad, much less a country.


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