Criminal control or gun control?

Criminals in Denver have recently been mugging people on the street using sawed off shotguns. These are prohibited weapons under a Federal law enacted in 1934. Mere possession of such a weapon carries a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment of up to ten years.

Tell me again that gun control laws work? Barack Obama and most other liberals cling bitterly to their belief in gun control. They are the true “bitter clingers.”

Criminal control, not gun control, should be the focus.

Trump says he will eliminate all gun free zones on his first day in office (He can’t really do that unless he tries to go all-Obama on the country and no Republican can ever get away with that, but I like his sentiment just the same). In the Video below Joe Scarborough takes on gun free zones. Watch the cringing bitter clinger on Scarborough’s right, left side of the screen:

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