Costco Execs Owe Their Employees and Shareholders a “Yuge” Apology

Costco Management is a perfect example that even the stupid and blind can sometimes find an acorn. In this case they found lots of acorns. They were lucky. If they’d got what they wanted none of these good things would be happening for them. Costco execs owe their employees and shareholders a giant apology.

Investors Business Daily, Monday, June 4:

Costco Wholesale Corp. announced late last week that it’s giving raises to 130,000 employees, thanks to the Trump tax cuts. This is the company, mind you, whose founders openly backed tax-hiking Hillary Clinton for president. Why not admit that they picked the wrong horse?

That’s not all:

Costco’s employees aren’t the only ones benefiting. Since the November election, Costco stock has rocketed up by 32%. In the two years before the election, it climbed 8%.

The irony here is that, had many of Costco’s leaders got their wish, their workers wouldn’t be getting those raises next week.

In 2016, Costco board members, executives and employees gave $44,178 to Clinton’s campaignand almost $92,000 to the DNC. The company’s co-founders both endorsed Hillary Clinton and gave tens of thousands to her and other Democrats. Overall, Costco donors overwhelmingly favored Democrats that year.

Trump’s economy is super strength. It even saves idiots from the usual consequences of being stupid.

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