Costco Execs Owe Their Employees and Shareholders a “Yuge” Apology

Costco Management is a perfect example that even the stupid and blind can sometimes find an acorn. In this case they found lots of acorns. They were lucky. If they’d got what they wanted none of these good things would be happening for them. Costco execs owe their employees and shareholders a giant apology.

Investors Business Daily, Monday, June 4:

Costco Wholesale Corp. announced late last week that it’s giving raises to 130,000 employees, thanks to the Trump tax cuts. This is the company, mind you, whose founders openly backed tax-hiking Hillary Clinton for president. Why not admit that they picked the wrong horse?

That’s not all:

Costco’s employees aren’t the only ones benefiting. Since the November election, Costco stock has rocketed up by 32%. In the two years before the election, it climbed 8%.

The irony here is that, had many of Costco’s leaders got their wish, their workers wouldn’t be getting those raises next week.

In 2016, Costco board members, executives and employees gave $44,178 to Clinton’s campaignand almost $92,000 to the DNC. The company’s co-founders both endorsed Hillary Clinton and gave tens of thousands to her and other Democrats. Overall, Costco donors overwhelmingly favored Democrats that year.

Trump’s economy is super strength. It even saves idiots from the usual consequences of being stupid.

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  • Weeks ago I read an insightful comment on one of the American Thinker Disqus threads. Something along the lines of President Trump could single-handedly find a cure for all forms of cancer, and he’d still be condemned and criticized…for shoving all those cancer-cure medical researchers out of their jobs. I cannot remember who wrote it, so I’m afraid I cannot cite proper attribution.

    Still, it about sums up the mindset of Trump’s critics. Obama did nothing, and was given a Nobel Peace Prize. Trump accomplishes triumph after triumph after triumph; and may even get the two Koreas to re-unify. But none of his successes and accomplishments will slake the raging lust of his critics. Nothing will quench their volcanic fulminating.

    More’s the pity. Cheers.

    • How right you are. Worse are the #NeverTrumper Republicans who still hate him even though he’s accomplishing things they always said they wanted. They don’t want all this good stuff if he, and not them, get the credit for it.

      If they would stop their childish tantrum and get behind him they might get some of the credit for themselves. It would be good for the country which the claim to care about. One of the most delicious examples of Trump outsmarting all of them is the Alice Johnson Pardon. You probably read about it at American Thinker.

      • Worse are the #NeverTrumper Republicans who still hate him even though he’s accomplishing things they always said they wanted. They don’t want all this good stuff if he, and not them, get the credit for it.

        Indeed. And thus, by their own actions, the #NeverTrumper Republicans expose themselves for who they really are. They reveal their true motivations…in spite of whatever flowery rhetoric they may have previously showered upon us.

        I’m reminded of a pithy phrase: “There are two types of people in this world. Those who do the work, and those who get the credit. Try to belong to the first group: there’s far less competition.”

        President Trump seems to be one of the rare individuals who does the work, and who (with those of us who are paying attention) also gets the credit. In fact, in a back-handed way, even his detractors acknowledge that he is due the credit. For when they act so unhinged and over-the-top to deny him credit, they expose themselves as cravenly jealous of his manifestly obvious accomplishments.

        Cravenly jealous. What a perfect description of Barack “you didn’t build that” Obama.

        You just know that deep down ol’ Barack Hussein Obama is fuming about just how badly his 8 years in the White House have already, in Trump’s first 2 years (1.5 years really), been demonstrated as an utter and complete failure. In both domestic policy/action/economy and in foreign affairs, President Trump has run rings around “The One.”

        There is just no comparison: 8 years of empty, self-flattering, vapid, gum-flapping talk, vs. 2 years of roll-your-sleeves up and get ‘er done action.

        The Alice Johnson pardon is but one concrete example of such get ‘er done action. And, when compared to Obama’s pardon of Bradley Manning, Trump’s pardon of Alice Johnson is even more brilliant. Chiefly, because Trump’s pardon of Johnson was the right thing to do. But also because Trump’s pardon will probably “play” better to various groups.

        Which, you know, just has Left-leaning individuals (those who still slavishly slobber over how great Obama was/is) steaming out their ears.

        • Your reference to two types of people reminded me of Pareto’s law which holds that 80% of every endeavor gets done by 20% of the people engaged in it. A corollary is that bad people always hate good people, but good people only want bad people to be corrected and seldom hate them. Weird isn’t it. Well, maybe that’s just the natural order of the struggle between good and evil.

          If Hillary had won a third term of Obama we would have lost the country. I thank our lucky stars every day for Trump, even though I came to him slowly, and only after it was clear Ted Cruz was not going to get the GOP nomination. I still think Cruz would make a great president but I don’t think he would be able to fight the swamp as effectively as Trump is doing.

          I’d love to see Cruz on the Supreme Court. He would be very effective and would be both hated and admired as much as was Scalia. We in the hinterlands would love seeing Cruz eviscerate the legal arguments of the liberals. Debate is where he shines.

          • I too was slow to warm to Mr. Trump. I voted for Sen. Cruz in my state’s primary. And yet, as you sagely opine, I don’t think a President Cruz would have been as effective against The Swamp People and the members of The Deep State as has President Trump. Man, has Trump taken it to ’em. It’s supremely savory and downright delicious.

            As a Supreme Court Justice, though, Cruz would shine. So I’m right there with you there too.

            A corollary to your corollary to Pareto’s Law is this: those of us on the Right only see Left-leaning individuals as wrong; but we neither hate them nor see them as Evil. We see them as believing in and doing evil things maybe. But we don’t see them as Consummately Evil. (Hate the sin, but love the sinner as it were.)

            In Harry S. Truman’s time I dare say that those on the Left generally had a reciprocal mindset, only seeing Right-leaning folk as suffering from what Thomas Jefferson called “errors of opinion.”

            But that was then.

            These days? Hoo-boy! Far too many Left-leaning folk have given themselves over to the unique poison of hate. (Hate is the poison you drink, expecting the other guy to die.) They have guzzled gallons of this poison. So much so that they have sullied themselves down to their very souls. They do not see us as suffering from “errors of opinion.” They see us as sub-human vermin. Consequently we, at best, are worthy only of “re-education”…or, at worst, outright extermination.

            This is precisely why I too believe that had Hillary’s handlers/enablers in The Deep State, in the MSM, and in The Swamp managed to, by hook, crook, and by craven criminal behavior, drag her increasingly unhealthy carcass across the finish line, our Representative Republic would have up and died. Sure, the United States would have continued to exist as a country, mind you. But its form of government would not have continued to be anything other than an oligarchy or some other soft–or hard–tyranny.

            Time will only tell if we can restore our national government to its Representative Republic roots. Time will only tell if Donald Trump’s Presidency will truly reverse our downward slide towards tyranny.

            One thing is for certain, though: had Hillary become President, Obama’s and The Deep State’s nefarious activities would have only gathered momentum. Our nation would have become a Republic in Name Only. We dodged a huge bullet in November, 2016. I hope we don’t squander our “second chance.”


          • Well said, Sir!

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