Coronavirus to the rescue of the Democrats?

The Left called it the Chinese Virus during January and February and only called it racist after Trump used it.

Victor Davis Hanson:

In all the gloom and doom, and media-driven nihilism, there is actually an array of good news. As many predicted, as testing spreads, and we get a better idea of the actual number and nature of cases, the death rate from coronavirus slowly but also seems to steadily decline.

Early estimates from the World Health Organization and the modeling of pessimists of a constant 4 percent death rate for those infected with the virus are for now proving exaggerated for the United States. More likely, as testing spreads, our fatality rates could descend to near 1 percent.

There is some evidence from Germany and to a lesser extent South Korea, that it may be possible to see the fatality rate dip below 1 percent. And with the breathing space from the lockdown, better hygiene (the degree of constant and near-obsessive cleaning at businesses that are still open is quite amazing), more knowledge and data, better medical protocols, the use of some efficacious drugs, warmer weather, and experience with the disease will, in perfect-storm fashion, begin to mitigate the effects of the virus.

The Left is approaching the Coronavirus the same way they handle climate change. They rely on propaganda and fictional nostrums for their predictions to the absence of supporting data.

Everyone knew before just how biased and unprofessional the media had become in its maniacal hatred of Donald Trump. But few appreciated how uneducated, arrogant, and clueless about simple calculations and logic was this generation of reporters that has emerged from politicized schools of journalism, which taught therapy rather than knowledge, much less a code of conduct.

The media daily blares out preliminary models and data, without even the most remedial context. They parrot the supposedly historic death rate of the virus, without any knowledge that the numerator of virus cases is as inaccurate and misleading as the denominator of deaths is mostly factual.

Then they seemed surprised that the death rate dips as tests and supposed cases spread, without any appreciation that known cases are likely not representative of the populace as a whole, but represent only those who were tested (80-90 percent negative), and thus only of those who felt ill or were exposed enough to be tested. Few tell us that a small percentage of those tested, when ill, have COVID-19, or the death rate is warped by those over 70 with accompanying heart, respirator, and cancer challenges.

We Need Better Data Before We Make Stupid Decisions About Coronavirus

Data, yes. Real data that is. Not the stuff the Media tries to fool us with. Real data are facts and statistics collected together for reference and analysis. Much too complex for uneducated journalists to comprehend. Lies have always worked well for them, why quit now? Jonathan Swift famously said: Lies fly while the truth comes limping behind. By that time the news cycle has moved on to new stories.

The Coronavirus is an opportunity to be politicized in an attempt to beat Trump in November. That nmght have been a mistake. Trumps approval numbers are increasing.


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