Constrain the good guys and give free rein to killers

 “Every time there is a shooting, they want to take away the guns of the people who didn’t do it.” — William Burroughs.

Giving free rein to killers is what gun control laws do very well, especially those that create “gun-free zones.” Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was given free rein to murder his victims by a well meaning but completely boneheaded policy intended to create a zone of safety but instead exposed innocent life to a murderous rampage.

The gun control blather has already started, all of it blaming the inanimate object of a gun for what happened.  The latest rant is against “high capacity” magazines, i.e., the idea that banning the standard magazine the manufacturer designates for a particular gun will somehow stop killers like Abdulazeez . No one even tries to explain just how that works. No one even tries to explain how making law abiding conscientious citizens use only smaller capacity magazines is going to make anyone safer. The gun controllers will just change the subject when you ask that question because they have no answer.

All magazine bans do is make innocent people more vulnerable to heavily armed criminals who will not obey a silly law banning magazines any more than they will obey the laws against murder and mayhem.

Magazine bans only affect people who intend no harm to anyone else and are destructive of liberty without the slightest foundation in reason or common sense. If those calling for more laws were serious about public safety they would be calling for the ban of “gun-free zones” instead of idiotic laws that will only make it yet more difficult for decent people to protect themselves from the likes of Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

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