Conservatism vs. Liberalism

I wanted to write an inspiring story on this theme but it sort of speaks for itself. The most important natural right we all have, endowed upon us by our creator, is the right to be let alone. The three-legged stool of conservatism is based on that sacred natural right. The three stools of liberalism mean that we will never be let alone so long as they are in power.

We see everywhere that liberals can never be satisfied to just leave their fellow citizens alone. Violence against homosexuals, once rampant, has been subdued. All honorable people agreed that such violence must be stopped. Homosexuals have a right to be let alone, we said. We all want to be left alone so long as we leave others alone. Finally, homosexuals got what they wanted and needed and what all right thinking people wanted for them. They aren’t hurting anyone we said, leave them alone!

Having got tolerance and acceptance, homosexuals weren’t satisfied. They began a campaign for more. They weren’t happy just to be let alone to pursue their own form of happiness. That was not enough for them. They began hazing anyone who was content to leave them alone but not willing to celebrate them. Cake makers were ordered to participate  in homosexual weddings no matter their religious convictions. By letting homosexuals alone, that didn’t mean homosexuals would leave us alone.

Not all, but most homosexuals are liberals. That is what liberalism does. It encourages those who were once oppressed to become brutes.

The difference between liberals and conservatives can be easily demonstrated. Get two cars, one of which you don’t care too much about. Park them both on the street, just about anywhere. Put liberal bumper stickers on the one you care about, and Trump stickers on the other one.

The car with the liberal slogans will not be touched. The car with the Trump stickers will likely be severely vandalized. That’s the difference between conservatism and liberalism.

There is nothing “liberal” about liberals. That’s why they’ve abandoned their former moniker and now call themselves “progressives,” which will soon have to be abandoned for something else.

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