Condoleeza Rice for veep would be a huge mistake

UPDATE 7/14:  Below is a narrative of all the reasons why Condoleeza Rice would not be a good pick to be Romney’s VP.  In Rice’s favor at the moment, however, is a standout speech she gave in Park City, Utah last month at a Romney fundraiser.  That speech may be what led some conservatives to believe she might be a front runner for VP.  It was a terrific speech in which Rice seem to come out as a solid conservative.  One speech in a long line of evidence that one is not in the least a conservative might not make it for conservatives, and in fact may just confirm Rice’s long-standing confusion about what she thinks and believes.  Conservatives have learned in the past that flash-in-the-pan allusions to conservative principles are usually not genuine.  It was a great speech, though.

Why Condoleeza Rice is wrong for vice-president:

She’s not a politician, she’s a lousy contemporaneous speaker who talks until she sticks her foot in her mouth, she was the architect of the Bush foreign policy which was a failure in many ways, and Romney would be condemning himself to debating the Bush record throughout the campaign, which is exactly what Obama wants.

If Romney chooses Rice for his vice-president the Obama team will be shouting for joy for a few minutes until they get down to the serious business of producing attack ads on how clumsy and boneheaded Condoleeza Rice was first as National Security Advisor and later as Secretary of State under Bush.   These attack ads will be more effective than anything yet to come out of Team Obama because, unlike current ones, they will be true!

Rice’s policy in the Middle East was atrociously stupid and caused great harm to U.S. interests there.  With Rice as his enabler, Obama will be able to effectively shift debate away from his own idiotic foreign policy.

Mark Levin said on his radio show:

Obama’s spending the summer trying to define Romney, successful or not, and Romney’s not spending the summer trying to define Obama, which he must do. So here we are debating Bain capital. And then we’ll be debating RomneyCare. And if he does pick Rice, then will be debating the entire George W. Bush record which is exactly what the Bush people want. Well it’s not what I want.

Now pick a damn conservative whose managed something. He’s got a strong bench to choose from and stop playing it safe. That’s my opinion. Nothing personal. Nothing personal. But I mean we’ve got great Governors out there, who are a lot of good and who have shown a lot of courage among other people, by the way. Among others. So let’s get with it. Can’t we win this damn race? Can’t we act like we actually want to? Can’t we be confident in our conservatism?

Ramesh Ponnura at The Corner:

1) Her selection would seriously offend many …. conservatives — possibly enough to depress their turnout…she would be the first pro-choicer on a Republican ticket since Roe v. Wade …

2) Her selection would require Romney to go back on his word. During the primaries, he committed to picking a pro-life vice president.

3) Her selection would reinforce doubts conservatives already have about him.

4) He might get a convention fight. It only takes a majority of six states’ delegations to force a floor vote on an alternative vice-presidential nominee. Imagine what a mess that would be for Romney.

5) She has never run for anything.

6) We’d get to relitigate the foreign-policy decisions of the Bush years. Remember the “sixteen words” controversy, which led to Plame-gate? You will by the end of a campaign with her on the ticket.

7) Any attempts to distance Romney from the Bush years in general would instantly be undone.

8) Romney puts a great deal of stock in his experience as an executive and a manager. How good is Rice’s track record in this respect? …one of the main things a national-security adviser is supposed to do is manage the national-security apparatus of the executive branch so that it’s working as one. This is something that famously did not happen during Rice’s time at the NSA, when the Pentagon, State, and the CIA were working at cross purposes. [Rice is a lousy manager of which their can be no doubt]

11) Meanwhile, I don’t see the upside. The notion that picking Rice will help Republicans make inroads against Obama with black voters is a pathetic fantasy.

The most obvious reason not to pick Condoleeza Rice for VP is that the whole Obama media is jumping for joy over the prospect that Romney might choose here.

Here’s Juan Williams on Fox News 40 minutes [Friday] ago:

I said it in May and I’ll say it again: the biggest move Romney can make to change his image is via an eye-catching pick for the number two slot on the presidential ticket.

Rice would be a political game changer for the 2012 race.

Yes, she would be the first African-American woman to be on a major party’s presidential ticket, at a time when the GOP is losing ground with minority, female voters and single women. So let the Condimania begin!

Juan Williams is totally committed to the reelection of Barack Obama.  If Condi Rice would actually be a “political game changer” in the way he implies he would not slobbering all over himself for her.  He thinks her pick would be a political game changer all right, in favor of Obama!

Rice for VP will confirm many conservatives’ fears that Romney will always be trying to water down his professed conservatism with a little bit of liberalism.   It looks too much like George Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” that was such a political disaster.  To principled conservatives it makes as much sense as mixing a pint of dog poop in a gallon of ice cream.

Romney would be nuts to pick Rice.

Read all of Ponnura’s The Case Against Condi

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