Comments on Trump, possible Jeff Snooze replacement, opioid epidemic, and partisan nonsense from Karen Tumulty

Some off the cuff remarks because I don’t have time to do anything more serious right now:

Trump is looking at Janice Rogers Brown to replace Jeff Sessionzzzzz Snoooooze. Brown is a black conservative, was on the California Supreme Court before she went to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Now retired, becoming AG would be sort of reverse osmosis because normally people retire from a post in the political branch before going on the court. She’d be going from the Court to the DOJ. She is blazingly brilliant and would be a good choice except I thought she’d be on the Supremes some day.

Do you know the difference between opiates and opioids? People use these terms interchangeably but they refer to different things.

Another trivia question, do you know what deadly danger addicts face after they go through rehab and get clean?

What do you think of the proposal that would (1) reduce penalties for trafficking in heroin, fentanyl, and similar drugs and (2) allow convicted drug traffickers and other criminals to be released to home confinement before completing their sentences? 74% of the public is against it. So why would Congress move forward on it? Mitch McKnucklehead says he will bring it up in the Senate, “after the midterms,” of course.

Cocaine Mitch is not all bad. He’s forcing Dems to confirm 15 new Federal judges before they can go home and campaign for their jobs. Finally, the GOP turns the tables on the mob, plays by the rules they set. I haven’t forgotten that the GOP also took advantage of Dingy Harry Reid’s abolition of the filibuster for judges. He also held Scalia’s seat open until after the 2016 election, which enabled Gorsuch to get on the court instead of a liberal Democrat. I give him those things, and he handled the Kavanaugh affair very well. Otherwise, in most things he’s still a turtle.

Ultra Left-winger Karen Tumulty of the Washington Post compares the Tea Party with Antifa to try and convince us the GOP is just as violent as the Democrat mob. It’s an inflammatory comparison and Tumulty knows better. Like a good leftist, that doesn’t stop her. She wants to say Republicans also love mob rule.

Paul Mirengoff has the best response to this nonsense:

Tumulty notes that during the debate over Obamacare, the Tea Party was quite vociferous at town hall meetings. But of course town hall meetings one of the places where, in a well-functioning democracy, grievances are aired vociferously.

Where are Tumulty’s examples of Tea Party or other conservatives running through the streets smashing windows and assaulting demonstrators of a different persuasion. She has none — nothing comparable to Antifa.

Where are Tumulty’s examples of conservatives harassing political opponents in restaurants or on the street? She presents one, which may or may not have involved conservatives:

In 1989, then-House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dan Rostenkowski (D-Ill.) was chased down a Chicago street by a group of seniors angry about the cost of a new Medicare catastrophic health- insurance program. When one of them draped herself over the hood of his car, the 6-foot-4 congressman escaped by dashing through a gas station.

By citing an incident from nearly 30 years ago, Tumulty demonstrates that her attempt to draw an equivalence between the mob actions of the left, spurred on by some elected Democrats, and the activism of conservatives is partisan nonsense.

Yes, partisan nonsense. That’s all they’ve got.


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