Commentary on last night’s debate

Short take is that last night was a train wreck for the liberal media. Their bias was so blatant and obvious, not to mention ignorant, dimwitted, simple-minded, vacuous and pea-brained, that they were ridiculed by even their liberal colleagues.  When slow Becky Quick got caught in a lie about Trump’s stance on H-1B visas she exclaimed, “Where did I come up with this?” Trump shot back, “I don’t know, you people write this stuff.” Slow brain Ms. Quick unwittingly united the candidates against the CNBC panel.

Jonathan Last at the Weekly Standard says: “The three winners of the night were pretty obvious: Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.”  Adding Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson Last says we have our final six.

Besides CNBC, the big loser last night was Jeb Bush.

Roger Simon: Jeb Bush Committed Suicide Last Night. It’s hard to see how Jeb Bush recovers from his self-inflected wound at Wednesday’s CNBC Republican debate in Boulder when he went after Marco Rubio just after the young senator had hit one out of the park.

Rubio was defending himself from an editorial in the Sun Sentinel calling on Marco to stop “ripping off” the public and quit the Senate for non-attendance while campaigning.  Rubio responded that John Kerry and Barack Obama had been even more truant while running for president and the paper had not only ignored that, but given these men their endorsement.  It was an example of  liberal media bias at its most obvious.  The crowd erupted in its first ovation of the night.  Advantage Rubio.

Clueless, Bush jumped in as if nothing had happened, taking the paper’s side and schoolmarmishly doubling down on Marco.  He got his head handed to him by Rubio (politely) and the audience.  It was so mishandled on Bush’s part, such an obvious case of self-sabotage,  it left you wondering whether Jeb  really wants to be president.

Poor old Jeb, he couldn’t help himself. As a member of the Republican establishment he long ago drank their Kool Aid of hatred for conservatives. Of course, just like Democrats, when they think it will get them votes they claim to be conservatives themselves. In the 2008 campaign John McCain must have said “I am a conservative,” about 500 times. He might as well have claimed to be an elephant. Like McCain, Jeb Bush also claims to be a conservative although he has nothing but disdain for those who really are conservatives. Jeb’s financial backers have been uneasy for weeks, I’d say they’re “gone baby gone” about now.

More Roger Simon:

The big story — the A-story — on Wednesday night — the actual full blown case of seppuku — was CNBC.  The network will never seem the same.  Their moderators — Becky Quick, John Harwood, and Carl Quintanilla — were so obviously biased you would have thought it was a parody, if you hadn’t known it was real, a kind of black comic nightmare out of a leftwing theatre of the absurd.  Ted Cruz superbly caught the temper of the evening when he called them out, specifying how they had attempted to poleax each of the candidates one-by-one.  This turned the already alienated audience completely against the moderators with the candidates abandoning their competition and joining forces as well against the moderators in a red versus blue color war.  It was fascinating to watch and quite amusing.

Delicious. Simon suggests something I’ve believed forever. Liberal media bias is a cognitive disorder that makes journalists stupid.

John Kasich became the next big loser of the night. He said, I was very appreciative of the moderators. Well, that separates him from the pack, for good I think. Good riddance.

Out of the Jonathan Last’s final six, Chris Christie is going to be the pick of GOP establishment because he’s the least conservative in that group. If the final six becomes the final three of Rubio, Cruz and Trump, they’ll go for Rubio.  If Rubio gets cozy with them he will risk eliminating himself because Cruz and Trump have plenty of ammo with which to criticize Rubio for his peculiar stands on immigration and other hot issues.

Not forgetting all the gratitude I believe America owes to Donald Trump for single-handedly driving the GOP establishment and their donors into madness, confusion and funk, I’m hoping and praying for Ted Cruz.  I think he is the only one that can save us from Hillaryageddon.

Check this out: Debate 3: Ted Cruz changes the game.

After all the good things that happened last night there remains a massive cloud over GOP prospects for 2016, because Republicans have so failed the very voters who gave them their current majorities in the House and the Senate.


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