Colorado’s “universal background check” law is a Byzantine, tangled up mess written with malice against law-abiding citizens

Click here to read Colorado’s new (as of July 1, 2013) law required universal background checks, HB 13-1229.  Keep aspirin handy as it is a real mess that may give you a migraine.

After reading the the text of the bill I believe you will know that this law was maliciously designed to trap unwary, law-abiding gun owners into a mistake that may result in the confiscation of all their guns.  It sets this up by criminalizing harmless and innocent acts of ordinary citizens participating in target shooting for sport and recreation. It criminalizes the ordinary activities of firearms instructors conducting a demonstration of various types of firearms for students in a gun class.  If two hunting companions shoot each other’s guns while engaged in hunting that will remain lawful.  But if they go to a private shooting range and shoot each other’s guns they are committing a crime for which they will, if convicted, have all their guns confiscated and be prohibited from possessing any type of firearm for 2 years.  Will they get their guns returned to them after two years?  Hell no, they won’t. This is what totalitarian government looks like.  Totalitarian governments criminalize innocent and traditional behavior, making everyone who fails to heel to their social and political demands a criminal.

Liberals and Democrats never tire of telling us they don’t want to take away our guns.  Read this bill and see if you think we could have ever believed that.

After reading this new law that is going to wreak havoc on Colorado gun owners whose recreational activities are completely harmless, take a look at this excellent essay by State Senator Greg Brophy that appeared as an op-ed in the Denver Post: Gun Bill Dangerous, Unnecessary. 

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