Colorado being sued again over marijuana

From 1876 until 2012 Colorado was the Columbine State. In 2012 it became the Pot State. I’d like to see it return to its former honor. The change in 2012 happened largely with the help of millions of dollars from interests outside the state. Interests that care about their desire for getting stoned, not about what’s good for Colorado.

I’m not completely in agreement with the plaintiffs, Safe Streets Alliance, in their reason for bringing the lawsuit. They say it’s to vindicate the supremacy of Federal Law. Sure. Federal law has supremacy but only when it is acting under one or more of the 22 enumerated powers granted to it in the Constitution. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas voted with the minority in a recent case to allow California to make its own laws on Marijuana, not because he has any regard for the evil weed but because he found it to be matter of Federalism. Regulating marijuana is arguably not within the Constitutional power of the Federal government.

There are plenty of good reasons that marijuana should not be legal IMHO, but I agree with my favorite Supreme Court Justice that the Supremacy of Federal law is not one of those reasons.

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