Colorado State University Bans CCW On Campus

It is legal to carry on a state university campus in Colorado if you have a CCW permit. Some State funded Universities, relying upon a questionable Attorney’s General’s Opinion by Ken Salazar when he was in that office, believe they can nevertheless ban carrying on their campus. Colorado State University had previously allowed carrying by permit holders, but on December 4th its governing board voted unanimously to ban it. The CSU campus will now be a safer place….for rapists and other criminals, that is.

Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, who is the chief law enforcement officer in the county where CSU is located, gave his opinion on the matter in a letter to CSU President Tony Frank.

Unfortunately, his wisdom did not prevail. His letter is still well worth reading, and I recommend it. I would like to say I hope that the Colorado Supreme Court will do the right thing and force not only CSU but also CU Boulder to comply with Colorado law which does not give them the authority to take this action. Given the make up of the court, I don’t believe there is any hope for that. Unless that is, the changes advocated by Clear the Bench Colorado become a reality this November.

UPDATE: The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners say they will bring suit against CSU and its Board of Governor’s alleging that their gun ban is illegal under Colorado law. They’re right about that, but Colorado does not have a Supreme Court and probably not many lower courts that are willing to uphold that law right now. But, you say, “Aren’t courts supposed to uphold the rule of law?” Yes, they are. A more relevant question is, when will they uphold the rule of law? Answer: When the result of upholding the law agrees with their political views. Solution: Go to Clear the Bench Colorado and make a donation.

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