Colorado Sheriffs 2014 CCW Statistics Report

CCW permits are issued by Colorado Sheriffs who are required to report the number of new permits issued, the number renewed, and the number revoked by them during the past year. The 2014 report is now out showing that in the past year sheriffs issued 21,874 new permits and 17,317 permits were renewed, for a total 40,898.

The total number of permits revoked for all reasons was 195 due to an arrest, 22 under the sheriff’s limited discretion allowed by law, 33 when it was found the permit holder was no longer a resident of Colorado, and 20 because the individual was adjudicated mentally incompetent.

Sheriffs in Colorado have shown a willingness to revoke a permit when warranted, and any police officer in Colorado is authorized to seize a permit from anyone the officer believes has done something to warrant revocation. The officer will normally return the permit to the sheriff who issued it along with an explanation of why it was seized.

Adding up the numbers above, total permits revoked for any cause was 270 in 2014.

The total number of permits outstanding in Colorado since the “shall issue” law went into effect in 2003 can be conservatively estimated to be no less than 176,000.  The number of new permits issued annually over that 11 year period has averaged about 16,000 per year.  Thus, the number of permits revoked in 2014 is equal to 0.15% of those outstanding (270÷176,000 = .001534). To say it another way, 1% would have been 1,760 revocations. 270 out of 176,000 is 15/100th of 1%..

CCW permit holders as a group are the most law abiding people on the planet.  Having a CCW permit often makes one even more conscious of obeying the law because they don’t want to lose the permit.

A well-armed society truly is a polite society.

The recent tearful wailing in Colorado’s State Capitol about CCW holders being likely to commit mass shootings in K-12 schools was a brainless and utterly ridiculous display of left-wing ignorance.  The same must be said of the comments on Thursday of Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn blaming Wisconsin’s CCW law for the crime wave currently holding his city in its grip.  The crime surge is largely due to gang activity and gang bangers who don’t apply for CCW permits and wouldn’t be issued one if they did.

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