Colorado Republicans To Get A Boost From Obama

The Denver Post reports that Obama will come to Colorado in February to campaign for the accidental Senator Michael Bennet and Denver Mayor Hickenlooper who is running for governor. Cool. The Colorado Republican Party can use all the help it can get in its efforts to defeat these two.

Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams said:

“One year ago next month, President Obama signed the failed ’stimulus’ bill into law right here in Denver surrounded by Governor Ritter, Mayor Hickenlooper and Senator Bennet,” said Colorado Republican Chairman Dick Wadhams. “Since then, unemployment has gone up to 10 percent and hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs while the national debt has skyrocketed.”

“Let’s get the whole gang together again to properly recognize their ’stimulus’ inspired 10 percent unemployment rate while the President is here campaigning for our accidental senator, Michael Bennet, and Mayor Hickenritter,” Wadhams said. “We’d be happy to host this special reunion.”

Michelle Malkin calls it Obama’s “reverse midas touch.”

The Hickenritter moniker that Wadhams gives to Hickenlooper alludes to Hickenlooper as governor being a second Bill Ritter term. Ritter is not runnng for re-election precisely because he knows that’s a loser.

The latest Rasmussen Poll shows Republican Jane Norton beating Bennet by 12 points, 49% to 37%. Maybe Obama can increase Norton’s lead. [I’ve heard speculation that Norton is a RINO. I hope that’s wrong, but I’ll be voting for Ken Buck in the primary.] Another effect that Obama might have is to bring out the leftist loons and help Bennett defeat Andrew Romanoff in the Democrat primary. Welcome Barack!

It appears the Democrats in the Colorado State House are doing their part to help Republicans in November by going on a tax raising binge.

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