Colorado Republicans finally getting some political savvy

Republicans catch another break in the 2014 Senate elections

“Senate Republicans have scored an unexpected recruiting coup, with Rep. Cory Gardner (R) opting to challenge Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) this year, according to a person with knowledge of his plans. Gardner, who is considered the state’s top GOP rising star, previously said he would not run for Senate and would instead seek reelection in November.” As important, failed Senate candidate Ken Buck has opted for the House race, avoiding a bitter primary and winning the gratitude of his party.

This is a huge improvement for the GOP and puts yet another Senate seat in play. Udall, you will recall, has run into real trouble with a scandal relating to his bullying of state Obamacare exchange employees. Between that and his support for the Obama agenda, he had only a single digit lead in polls before the Gardner announcement. Moreover, Obama is polling horribly in the state, below 40 percent in some surveys in a state he won in 2012.

Now if Colorado Republicans can just keep control of the mouths and not screw up with any Todd Akin moments.  To be fair, that hasn’t really been their problem in the past, it’s been weak candidates.  So, this development is very promising.

Real the whole thing.

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