Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Dan Maes A Fired Cop

Republican candidate for governor of Colorado Dan Maes was fired from the Liberal, Kansas police force in 1985 for revealing confidential information about a criminal investigation to his girlfriend. It was her family that was being investigated for running an illegal bookmaking operation. The Denver Post printed the story yesterday.

It appears that Maes also tried to lie his way out this, claiming on his website that he had been an undercover agent with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, which was not true.

The termination letter from the Chief of Police in Liberal, Kansas also accuses Maes of having knowledge of the illegal bookmaking operation being conducted by his fiance’s family members and failing to report that to the police department. The illegal activity was later discovered from independent sources, Maes was interviewed and warned not to reveal to his fiance the existence of the investigation of her family members. Then he made statements to her from which she became aware of the investigation.

Needless to say, the Liberal, Kansas police department, similar to every other police department on the planet, has regulations prohibiting any of its officers from revealing confidential information to anyone and requiring them to report to their department any knowledge they have of illegal activity that would ordinarily trigger an investigation.

This is a disaster for the Republican party in Colorado. Maes tanked in the polls with only 15% of those polled indicating they will vote for him. That’s a number barely greater than the number of people who believe Elvis is still alive and riding around the Southwest on a Harley. If Maes doesn’t get 10 percent of the vote in the upcoming election Republicans will become a minor party in Colorado, meaning that GOP candidates’ names won’t be on top of the 2012 ballot alongside Democrats.

The only honorable thing for Maes at this point is to drop out of the race. Of course, this whole debacle could have been avoided if the GOP establishment in Colorado had not forced through the candidacy of Scott McInnis who lost the primary due to his multiple ethical transgressions which quite predictably came to light during the primary campaign, elevating Maes to be the GOP nominee. David Harsanyi wrote a brilliant column in The Denver Post last July 15th explaining how the GOP establishment in Colorado undermines grass-roots conservatives and loses elections in the process.

It must be said that the Colorado GOP establishment truly laid an egg this time.

Below are the 1985 letter from the Chief of Police in Liberal, Kansas informing Dan Maes of his firing from the police department; Maes’s letter of appeal of the Chief’s decision, and the Liberal City Manager’s letter to Maes denying his appeal, Click each link for full pdf file:




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