Colorado Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter Uses Aurora Shooting to Justify Obamacare

Never let a good crisis, or a mass shooting, go to waste.

Perlmutter shows his ignorance about insurance. If you wreck your car when you don’t have insurance you can’t rush out and buy insurance to get your car fixed. But after your car has been fixed you can buy car insurance to cover future losses. Same with health insurance. If you’ve just been injured and don’t have insurance you can’t rush out an buy insurance to pay your health care bills for that injury. But once you’ve fully recovered from that injury you can buy insurance to cover future injuries. That’s not discrimination, it’s common sense.

And he’s wrong that Obamacare changes any of that, except that it is already making insurance more expensive. It will also lead to fewer doctors, long waits to see a doctor, and lower the quality of health care and make it more expensive.

Praising Obamacare is easy for Perlmutter, he’s exempt from it. Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare, remember? If it’s so great, why did they do that?

When will voters stop electing idiots?

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